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Virtual servers based on OpenVZ & KVM

Buy VPS/VDS in Russia, Netherlands and the US

OpenVZ & KVM VPS on HDD and SSD drives

Virtual servers for any needs in Russia, Netherlands and USA


from ½ Gb
Starting at
2.60 $ Select plan
  • Netherlands, Estonia
  • Hardware virtualization
  • from 1 core CPU
  • from 512 Mb RAM
  • from 5 Gb disk space
  • 1 dedicated IPv4 address
  • 100 Mbps bandwidth
  • Free & fast technical support


from ½ Gb
Starting at
1.75 $ Select plan
  • Russia, Netherlands, USA
  • Software virtualization
  • from 1 core CPU
  • from 512 Mb RAM
  • from 5 Gb disk space
  • 1 dedicated IPv4 address
  • 100 Mbps bandwidth
  • Free & fast technical support

What is a virtual server?

Virtual server (or VPS/VDS) — a great solution for hosting your websites and any other projects.

There are two types of virtual server on the market currently: software-virtualized and fully-virtualized virtual servers.

Software-virtualized VPS (OpenVZ) are suitable for almost every need, the main disadvantage of such virtual servers is that they have the same kernel the parent (hardware) server have.

Fully-virtualized VPS (KVM, Xen) work in the same way the any dedicated server works. Every hardware-virtualized VPS has its own kernel which allows very flexible configuration of the operating system. Such virtual server are suitable for any needs.

We offer virtual servers based on both software and hardware virtualization.

OpenVZ VPS are available in Russia, Netherlands and USA; KVM VPS are available in Netherlands and Estonia. Russian, Netherlands and Estonian based virtual servers will be the best choice for websites targeted to EU-based visitors. While USA-based virtual servers are nice for every other locations. All locations have great premium bandwidth mix to make your websites faster.

Virtual servers features

Flexible, advanced and powerful solutions from X5X Hosting

Full control

Our VPS provides you full access to your server to configure any software.

Flexible configuration

You can configure almost everyting in your system as well as install any software.

Fast & Powerful

Our VPS are hosted on fast and powerful hardware featuring fast HDD/SSD in RAID.

24x7 Technical Support

We are here 24x7 to assist you! Our support is available via tickets and livechat.

Large selection of Operating Systems

We can install many of Linux-based systems as well as Windows (KVM only).

Server & hosting control panels

Any of server control panels can be installed and used on our VPS.

A few reasons to choose us:

Our virtual servers are hosted on fast and powerful hardware providing you all options you may need to manage your virtual server. They are ready to go in a few minutes with its own dedicated IP address.

In addition, all our VPS offers include free basic server management! It gives you an ability to contact us anytime to perform initial configuration of your new server or to make some changes in software settings in order to make your applications even faster.

Trust to professionals! We have been working in the hosting market since 2006, have vast experience in the field which makes it possible to meet any needs you may have.

Not sure of your choice?

Can't decide what will work best for you? Our sales department will be happy to assist you!

Frequently asked questions about our VPS offers

In what locations can I buy VPS/VDS?

We offer five locations around the world to host your VPS/VDS:
Russia — Saint Petersburg
Netherlands — Naaldwijk
Estonia — Tallinn
USA — Denver and West Chicago

Getting a VPS in different locations allows you to be as close as possible to your main visitors.

You can test your speed using our Looking Glass.

Can I install my own OS from ISO image?

You can install an OS from ISO on our KVM VPS.

Once ISO is mounted, installation can be performed using VNC access.

To mount ISO to your VPS please provide URL to ISO to our Customer Support.

Can I order additional IP addresses?

Yes, you can order additional IP addresses to any VPS. However, there are some limits:

You can only request one additional IP address on VPS-MICRO plans.

All other plans allow you to have up to 7 additional IPs.

What is setup time?

Normal setup time is 5 minutes after payment completion.

It may take longer depending on ordered options and operating system.

For example, it may take up to 1 hour if you order additional software installation.

Easy-to-use & fast

management panel

We offer our custom-made VPS management panel.

The following features available:

  • Start, stop, restart your VPS
  • One-click OS installations
  • Install software on your VPS
  • Manage TUN/TAP and PPP devices
  • PTR (rDNS) configuration
Management panel help